Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bungalow Street Bowls take flight...

Designer Rich Kasten
Pasadena, Ca.
I'm so thankful people are enjoying these bowls.  I've worked with concrete, wood, stone and metal for years in my home consulting and design business... creating special pieces for clients is very rewarding.  My mailboxes have been popular and now the bowls are getting a little buzz.  That's fun because you want what you create to reach people.  When the collector experiences the texture and weight and you can see they really enjoy the piece, that's all part of the creative cycle.
I use a premium grade concrete mixture and that's key but the real magic is in the finishing process which quite a bit goes into.  These bowls are so much more than just a cast shape, they have a look and feel that you simply want to touch and use.  I have a blast creating them.

The Wedge Bowl From Bungalow Street

A new bowl shape at Bungalow Street